Florence Martellini

Transtechnology Research,
Room B312 Portland Square,
University of Plymouth,
Drake Circus,


F. Martellini, 2007.

My professional expertise lies in setting up and managing complex projects, partnerships, research studies and funding across Europe in a wide variety of sectors. This experience has involved managing international teams virtual and face-to-face, organising and delivering high profile projects and working with people from all walks of life, backgrounds and professional levels.

My research interest lies in what visual arts can tell us about how we perceive the world by investigating their creation and appreciation beyond their cultural context. I am currently working for Perceptual Technologies Ltd which researches, develops and commercialises digital media softwares based on human perceptual structure as opposed to optical system (basis of all current images today including 3D technology) – www.perceptual-technologies.com.

Further information also available on http://florencemartellini.wordpress.com.